Enthusiastic Papuans Celebrate Independence to 68 With Hold Various Activities

Celebration of the 68th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Republic of Indonesia which is celebrated every year on August 17, particularly in Papua rangkainan filled with a variety of activities involving the public directly from all walks of life. All provinces, districts and cities in Papua carry flag ceremony with the wisdom and the event was chaired by the head of each region.

There are different things at the commemoration of Independence Day Ceremony at this time, where the people of West Papua flag ceremonies in various ways, including by academics in collaboration with PMI UNIPA Manokwari and Scuba Team of Paradise Bay, this year they held a flag raising Puti on the seabed, with as many as 150 participants divers. The event was conducted as a form of nature especially his love for the sea, and encourage young people in particular to be lover of the sea and its contents as natural resources must be maintained the existence.
While the red-white flag was also carried out by in Alp Cartens, dipimppin directly by the Papua Police Chief Inspector General (Police) Drs. M. Tito Karnavian, while the flag raisers were local residents to wear clothing that is typical of Papua Koteka. Bhayangkari chairman of the board attended, as well as employees of PT. Freeport Indonesia. Chief of Police for the event said that the raising of the red and white is done in Dam Bali, precisely in the area of Lake One, part of the Peak Cartens is something new to do, these activities will be always remembered and became the pride of the Papua police, “said police chief,” This is unique, because it is not found elsewhere in Indonesia, even in Southeast Asia though, “added the police chief,.

Police chief confirms with red and white flag signifies dikibarkannya Papua was part of the Republic of Indonesia. This place, is something special and historic in commemoration of independence day for different celebrations and performed in water and Goa but this place, truly unique and historic as Red and White flag fluttering in the mountain’s highest peak in Papua even Indonesia and in Southeast Asia, “he continued.

Kapolada expect peak Cartens fore become attractions for mountain climbers who want to find satisfaction in order to climb the mountain and the peak can be realized in the attraction to the Government as well as elements related to menjadikanya as supporting attractions that can certainly add to foreign exchange for the country and the province of Papua themselves, “he said.

Celebration of the 68th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia in Papua underway with wisdom and was greeted with joy by the citizens. This is evident from the presence of the community in the implementation of the flag-raising ceremony held by the City and County in Papua crowded ceremony attended by participants from various walks of life. Papuans have felt since independence have been part of the Homeland. Papua is growing very rapidly, based on the testimony of some migrants from other jawaantara (Sukardi) immigrants from Lamongan, East Java, who has lived for 10 years in Papua, said that the rapid development in Papua, even the development of Java development at this time far less in Papua.
Papua is now transformed into the city and slowly but surely will be the largest city and the most comprehensive in the eastern part of Indonesia. To achieve these goals. Should be supported by all parties, and citizens must establish itself and realize that Papua is part of the Homeland, the next duty of all people to maintain it, of course, solidity and unity among fellow must be maintained as efforts to deter negative issues concerning Papua, which deliberately exhaled by people are not happy with the achievements of the current progress in Papua.


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