The Integration Day, 1st of May

May is a historical month for Indonesia, especially for people who have always celebrated integration of Papua as an integral part of the Republic of Indonesia. This legitimacy has always responded differently by some people who are not satisfied with the validity of the Act of 1969, such as the Papuan people of West Papua National Committee, Front Act of PB, West Papua National Authority and Papuan activist Benny Wenda who ask for the act of free choice.

But as long as they are questioning and rejecting the validity of the Act, there were never any evidence, facts or present witnesses nor perpetrators of the Act to confirm that the Act is invalid, while many countries of the world through the United Nations has recognized and endorsed that Papua as Indonesian territory, by the poll, occurred on May 1, 1969 in accordance Papuan conscience.

Chairman of Commission I, Mahfudz Siddiq confirmed, Indonesia’s position will not change on the region of Papua as part of the territory, because the Act approved by UN resolutions.

“The results of the Act of free choice was constituted under the ‘New York Agreement’ in 1962 and this Act had been legalized by the UN General Assembly through Resolution 2505, on November 19th, 1969,” he said.

Even though there are some people who reject the validity of the Act led by Papuan activists abroad, Benny Wenda, Jennifer Robinson and Melinda Jankie through `International Parliementarian for West Papua (IPWP) and International Lawyers for West Papua (ILWP), it does not change the position that Papua is integral part of Indonesia, he said.

Jakob Rumpaidus a Papuans who represent or a member of the Council Act from Biak says “The Act of free act choice have declared valid, then confirmed by the law, because it carried out in accordance with the conscience of the people of Papua, with the intention to unite Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke “.
“84 states attend in The UN General Assembly to determine the validity of the implementation of the Act, 54 countries agreed, 30 countries abstained, while 5 other states were absent. Implementation of the Act was witnessed by UN envoy and representatives from the Netherlands, so there is no engineering and coercion, but the democratic management “, he explained.

Moreover, Jakob Rumpaidus explained, because the geography of Papua when it’s hard to do one man one vote, a representative pointed from each district, to made a vote as the choice from each district. Then these representatives sit on the Determination of the People’s Council, to carry out the consultation.
Answering the question why there is still a rejection of the legality of the Act, Jakob said “At this time, socialization implementation of the Act against the Papuan youth assessed to be less, so that the younger generation does not understand the history, purpose and objective of the implementation of the Act of 1969”.

Beside May 1, 2013 celebrated as the labour day is a perfect moment to socialize to people especially the younger generation of Papua to commemorating the Act of Papua integration to Indonesia, which is recognized by the international community through the UN Resolution. The Papuan leaders, especially principals Act expect the younger generation to develop Papua, and Papua were no longer concerned about the Act which wich has been recognized by the world, because it is clear that the integration of Papua into the Republic of Indonesia May 1, 1969 is valid according to the conscience of the people of Papua.


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