Jakarta Papua Dialogue, No Longer Needed

The Jakarta-Papua Dialogue, which has been initiated by Jaringan Damai Papua (Papua Peace Network) never occurred till now. There are too many barriers to fulfill. Many things that until now hinder the implementation of Jakarta-Papua dialogue. Besides Papua is an integral part of the Republic of Indonesia, the initiator and coordinator of the JDP Muridan SW which is also an observer of LIPI in one discussion forum in Jakarta some time ago said that Papua far from ready if there will be dialogue. Papua needs a prominent leader that respected by the whole society from Sorong to Merauke.

An indigenous leader who also Papua Governor Luke Enembe even rejects the implementation of Jakarta-Papua dialogue. On 18 April 2013 in Jayapura, Papua New Governor Luke Enembe said that Jakarta-Papua dialogue is now no longer needed, but the most important thing is how the government could brought welfare to the people of Papua. “The term dialogue to establish communication with the government does not seem to fit. Therefore, it is necessary to call it with other term, such as sit and talk on the para-para maybe” he said.

There is a proof that Papua will be safe and peace in the development without violence, as Commander of the TPN OPM Goliat Tabuni had called him and said that he and his forces will come to support him to build a better society in Papua. There is also many sign of the TPN-OPM leader to return to the community, as the governor himself will facilitate them to having a small business, so that they can live well normally.

Meanwhile, the head of Commission A DPRP, Ruben Magai said, remains that ‘Jakarta-Papua dialogue’ needs to be held, because it has been prepared in draft and the problem has been discussed. Now, it just wait for the government to responded on it. If the draft or themes offered by JDP can be juxtaposed with the concept of the government, there will be dialog.

But the statement from Luke Enembe as the Papuan leader that democratically elected must be respected. Papua it self is not ready to do a dialogue, said the LIPI observer too. If we look more to the statement of LIPI observer, some community leaders believe that what is conveyed by the new leader of Papua Luke Enembe very appropriate for the progress and welfare of Papua. Sit and talk on in para-para would be more tranquil yet peaceful.


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